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February 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017

Inter-American Development Bank

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Institutions for Development
Fiscal and Municipal Management
Fiscal and Municipal Management Specialist

JOE ID Number: 2017-01_111457500
Date Posted: 02/02/2017
Date Inactive: 02/09/2017
Position Title/Short Description
Title: Fiscal and Municipal Management Specialist
Section: Other Nonacademic (Temporary, Part-Time, Non-Salaried, Consulting, Etc.)
Location: Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES
JEL Classifications:
D0 -- General
H2 -- Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue
H3 -- Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents
H5 -- National Government Expenditures and Related Policies
H7 -- State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
J3 -- Wages, Compensation, and Labor Costs
Microeconomics, Labor Market, Fiscal, Fiscal Policy, Tax Policy, Tax Administration, Public Sector Reform, Public Expenditure, Firms
Salary Range: +100K$ net of income taxes
Full Text of JOE Listing:

The Inter-American Development Bank, the largest and leading source of financing for regional development in Latin America and the Caribbean, is seeking a Fiscal and Municipal Management Senior Specialist/Lead Specialist. The candidate would perform a range of functions and activities in support of the Bank’s work in the fiscal area at both national and subnational levels and will work on local development projects, to increase the value of the Bank’s operations.

As a Fiscal and Municipal Management Specialist, you will provide technical expertise as team leader and/or member of project teams for the development, processing, negotiation and evaluation of fiscal and subnational management, including:

•Conceptualization, preparation, and production—technical and operational oversights of lending operations (e.g., investment, technical assistance, credit lines and policy based)—of (i) fiscal policy issues on tax and expenditures policies and their microeconomic implications; (ii) tax policy and reforms to improve efficient allocation of productive factors; and (iii) strengthening and improving the functioning of markets and sectors.

•Conceptualization, preparation, and production—technical oversights of studies and institutional analysis at national and subnational level—of: (i) fiscal policy issues, including; tax policy and tax administration, and their microeconomic implications on input and output markets; and (ii) public expenditure quality, efficiency and effectiveness, including its microeconomic dimensions/implications.

•Identification of constraints, design of reforms and technical assistance programs to improve: fiscal management at national level and subnational level, including its microeconomic dimensions.

•Leadership and/or participation in policy dialogue, formulation and negotiation of lending and non-lending activities to innovate, as well as to support the country programming strategy on fiscal policy and management, including its microeconomic dimensions.

•Follow-up the implementation of recommendations in relevant areas for prompt implementation of programs and technical assistance in execution including careful consideration of its microeconomic dimensions.

•Technical support and recommendations to improve the business performance and/or development effectiveness and efficiency of the Division, Department and the IDB in the fiscal area.

•Representation of the Division and/or technical area internally and externally.

•Education: Master's degree (Ph.D desirable) in Economics and Public Policy, with strong quantitative background at microeconomic and sector levels, including the impact of tax policies on the labor market and firms. Experience: Minimum of four years of relevant experience in applying theoretical and empirical knowledge in tax policy and its microeconomic implications. The candidate should have experience in some or all of the following areas: (i) public finances with emphasis in design and implementation of tax policy at national and specific sector levels or market; (ii) analysis, design and execution of fiscal sector reforms, taxation, tax administrations; (iii) public expenditure policies and management; (iv) analysis, design and execution of institutional reforms; (v) demonstrated successful experience in policy dialogue; design and/or implementation of tax reform programs; and (v) experience in projects with financing from multilateral organizations.

•Languages: Written and spoken command of English and Spanish.

•Travel: Approximately 60 days of travel per year.

Primary Location: HQ-US-Washington DC

Closing Date: Feb 9, 2017, 11:59:00 PM

Application Requirements:
  • External Application Link
Application deadline: 02/09/2017