Disclosure Questionnaire

Are you currently under investigation by any law enforcement agency, excluding routine background checks?

Have you, as an adult, ever been convicted of violating any law or regulation?

Has there ever been any formal complaint made against you through an employer, an administrative agency, a regulatory body, a professional association, a professional organization, or an ethics body, including accusations of sexual harassment or workplace misconduct?

Have you ever belonged to, or been associated with, an organization or club that, as a matter of policy or practice, denied or restricted membership or affiliation based on race, sex, disability, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation?

Have you ever had an association (for example, with a group or business venture) that could be viewed as damaging to the reputation of AEA?

Is there any other information about you that could indicate a violation of the AEA Code of Conduct, may involve a conflict of interest with the AEA, or could be damaging to the reputation of the AEA?