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AEA Professional Code of Conduct

The AEA holds that principles of professional conduct should guide economists and strives to promote these principles through its activities. The Code of Professional Conduct was adopted by the Association on April 20, 2018, to help guide economists in academia, government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. 

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AEA Policy on Harassment and Discrimination

The Association does not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any of its activities and seeks to create a professional environment with equal opportunity and fair treatment for all economists.

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AEA Formal Complaint Procedures

You may file a formal complaint about the conduct of an AEA member, or about conduct in connection with an AEA-sponsored activity, that you believe violates the AEA's policy against harassment and discrimination.

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AEA Ombudsperson

Any AEA member who believes they have suffered harassment or discrimination or any person who believes they have suffered harassment or discrimination by an AEA member or in the context of an AEA-sponsored activity, as well as anyone who has witnessed such conduct, is encouraged to contact the ombudsperson.

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AEA Best Practices for Economists

The guidelines presented here—on conducting research, serving as colleagues, working with students, and leading departments—aim to lay out actions that economists can and should take individually and collectively to bring about a more diverse, inclusive, and productive profession.

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