Getting Started with JOE Job Listings in 8 Easy Steps



Step 1: Login to Your Account

Login or create an employer account (note that if you previously had an employer account, your login will work in the new system) at


Step 2: Start a New Listing

From the Employer Dashboard, click on the "Create/Place New Listing" button.


Step 3: Navigating to Data Entry

You will see four tabs; start with the "General Information" tab and fill in the information for your listing.


Step 4: Entering Details

The second tab is for "Full-Text and Details" for your listing. There are three sections to complete in this tab (full-text and keyword; locations; and JEL classifications); when completed, each section will be shaded green.



Step 5: How to Apply

The third tab is where you indicate how candidates should apply for your listing. You can now accept applications and/or reference letters through JOE, by choosing the "JOE Application" option!


Step 6: Application Requirements

Define Application Requirements by choosing what kind of materials candidates should upload. A standard application might include a CV and Job Market paper and 3 reference letters. However, you can customize to require any kind of file upload. You can also set up custom questions for candidates to answer for more specific aspects of your application.


Step 7: Placement and Payment

Standard processing means that a listing will be posted within 7-10 business days of being paid, and expedited processing (posting within 1-2 business days) can be selected for an additional fee. Once listings are posted, they will be available for the rest of the JOE cycle or until you set them to become inactive, so you don't need to renew your listing each month.


Step 8: Wrapping up

You will be notified when your listing has been posted, and you can return to the Employer dashboard to view your applicants and materials or to provide access to a hiring committee.


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