• Call For Papers
  • January 18, 2023

Call for Papers: CSWEP Sessions for ASSA 2024

CSWEP Sessions at 2024 AEA Meeting
January 5-7, 2024 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
San Antonio, TX – Marriott

Deadline: March 3, 2023

CSWEP invites abstract submissions for paper presentations at seven CSWEP-sponsored sessions at the 2024 ASSA/AEA Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Three sessions will focus on Gender-related topics. We are particularly interested in papers on gender in the economics profession and gender disparities in the impacts of COVID-19.

We are planning two sessions on Heterogeneity and the Macroeconomy: Outcomes and Policy Implications.  Macroeconomics increasingly recognizes that heterogeneity plays an important role when markets are incomplete or frictional. We seek papers that explore the implications of heterogeneity among consumers or firms, either with respect to the impact of heterogeneity on macroeconomic outcomes or the distributive effects of macroeconomic shocks such as inflation. We are particularly interested in papers that examine the extent to which macroeconomic stabilization through monetary and fiscal policy can have disparate impacts on heterogenous populations along lines of income, wealth, geography, race and gender and the extent to which such heterogeneity impacts the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy. Submitted papers may use techniques from macro but could also include applied micro techniques with implications for the macroeconomy. The decision to sponsor particular sessions will depend on the number and quality of submissions received. 

We are also planning to devote two sessions to the field of Health Economics.  We may devote one of these sessions to studies of the effects of access to reproductive health care, depending on the number and quality of submissions received.

CSWEP's primary intention in organizing these sessions is to create an opportunity for junior women to present papers at the meetings, and to provide an opportunity to meet with and receive feedback from leading economists in their field. For this reason, the presenting author of each paper should be a junior woman. The term junior woman usually refers to anyone identifying as a woman or nonbinary who is untenured, or who has received a PhD less than seven years ago; but could also refer to a woman who has not yet presented papers widely. There are no restrictions on the gender or seniority of coauthors. There are two exceptions to the requirement that the presenting author be a junior woman – the gender-related sessions are open to all junior economists, and potential sessions on gender in the economics profession are open to all.
The organizers of the AEA sessions will select a subset of the presented papers for publication in the 2024 AEA Papers & Proceedings. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit their paper for publication consideration in December.
In addition to individual paper submissions, complete session proposals may be submitted, but the papers in the session proposal will be considered individually. Duplication of paper presentation at multiple AEA sessions is not permitted; therefore, authors will be expected to notify CSWEP immediately and withdraw their abstract if their paper is accepted for a non-CSWEP session at the 2024 AEA Meeting. Similarly, authors whose paper is accepted to a 2024 CSWEP session will be expected to withdraw it from consideration by any other organization at the same meetings.
The deadline for submission is: March 3, 2023.

Details on how to submit are available at https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/cswep/participate/annual-meeting/paper-sessions.
Questions can be addressed to Rebekah Loftis, Committee Coordinator, info@cswep.org.