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  • November 11, 2022

Message from the AEA President about policy on harassment and discrimination

November 11, 2022

To: Members of the American Economic Association
From: Christina Romer, AEA President
Subject: Message from the AEA President about policy on harassment and discrimination

As we move toward our first in-person meeting in three years, I want to remind all members of our code of conduct and policy on harassment and discrimination. The code and policy, adopted after extensive discussion and input from members, affirm our goal of creating an economics profession where all can flourish, and none are harmed. The Association also has a formal complaint procedure through which violations of the policy on harassment and discrimination are investigated and appropriate sanctions can be taken. Our ombudsperson, Leto Copeley, is available to mediate problems and provide guidance about the various avenues—university Title IX offices, human resource departments, law enforcement, and making a formal complaint to the AEA—that exist to address harassment and discrimination complaints. A review of the AEA complaint process and guidance for the types of complaints most appropriately handled by the AEA are available here.

As part of this year’s meeting, the Committee on the Status of Women in Economics will host a panel discussion reviewing the AEA’s complaint procedures and searching for ways to improve them. This effort is part of an ongoing commitment of the Association to improving the climate in the economics profession. None of us should rest until all members feel safe, respected, and supported in their economics careers.