AEA Papers and Proceedings

Vol. 108 May 2018

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by Olivier Blanchard
(p. xii)
Richard T. Ely Lecture
Advances in Big Data Research in Economics

Algorithmic Fairness

by Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Ashesh Rambachan
(pp. 22-27)
Radically Rethinking Economic Policy
Economic Consequences of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Economic Applications of Machine Learning
Policy Implications of Suboptimal Choice: Theory and Evidence
Global Inequality and Policy
Climate Policy and Trade
Mental Accounting
Gender Norms and Discrimination
Gender Issues in Economics
Economic Effects of Populism
Inequality, Discrimination, and Violence
New Findings in the Economics of Crime and Policing
Barriers to the Success of Female Owned Microenterprises
Disability Insurance and Disability Discrimination
The Dynamics of Income: Celebrating 50 Years of the PSID
Research in Economic Education
Is the Large Firm Wage Premium Dead or Merely Resting
Inner Workings of Organ Markets and Organ Allocation
Demography and Development
Household Security Issues: Family, Health, and Food
Interaction of Gender with Household Decision-Making Peer Effects
Developments in the Economics of Aging
Health, Human Capital
Investment, Rates and Rent
Financial Inclusion through Savings: Commitment Devices, Mobile Money, and the Role of Trust
China's National Carbon Market
New Measures of the Economy
International Finance and Emerging Markets
Conventional and unconventional Fiscal Multipliers
What's Special About the Dollar in Financial Markets?
Demand Non-Homotheticities over the Business Cycle
Central Bank Communications
What Can We Learn From Financial Market Responses to the 2016 Election?