AEA Papers and Proceedings

Vol. 113 May 2023

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AEA Distinguished Lecture
The Economics of War Sanctions
New Evidence on the Surprise Surge in Inflation

Firm Inflation Uncertainty

by Ivan Yotzov, Lena Anayi, Nicholas Bloom, Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Özgen Öztürk, and Gregory Thwaites
(pp. 56-60)
Deglobalization? Revisiting the Links between Trade, Capital Flows, Supply Chains
New Patterns of Trade across Space
The Transmission of Monetary Policy
China and the United States in the International Monetary System

China in Tax Havens

by Christopher Clayton, Antonio Coppola, Amanda Dos Santos, Matteo Maggiori, and Jesse Schreger
(pp. 114-19)
Real-Time Economic Data: Challenges and Opportunities
Big Data: At-Scale Methods and Applications
Economic Uses of AI and Applications of AI and Big Data
Privacy in Markets
Robot and Automation: New Insights from Micro Data
Economies of Scale in Platforms and E-Commerce
Blockchain and Mechanism Design
Networks, Distortions, and Market Power
New Evidence on M&A and Antitrust Policy
Insurance Market Regulation and Climate Change Adaptation
Global EV Penetration: Policies, Subsidy Pass-through, and Consumer Preference
Impacts of Humanitarian Programs on Refugee Well-Being
Immigration Policy and Environmental Justice
Empirical Advances in Addressing Policy Questions
Realized Economic Effects of the Fully Refundable Child Tax Credit
Field and Lab Experiments on Discrimination
Racial Differences on Wealth, Access to Government Programs, and College Experiences
Disparities in Economics and Education
Stemming Human Capital Losses Due to COVID-19 School Closures: Experimental Evidence Across Contexts

Learning Curve: Progress in the Replication Crisis

by Noam Angrist, Claire Cullen, Micheal Ainomugisha, Sai Pramod Bathena, Peter Bergman, Colin Crossley, Thato Letsomo, Moitshepi Matsheng, Rene Marlon Panti, Shwetlena Sabarwal, and Tim Sullivan
(pp. 482-88)
Economic Education Interventions and Outcomes
New Perspectives on the Financing of Higher Education
Pink Papers on LGBTQ+ Economics Sponsored by CSQIEP
Surveying During the Covid Era: Lessons on Representativeness, Gender Equity, and the Partisan Divide
Labor Market Resilience to External Shocks
Working from Home: Global Trends and Consequences
The Economics of Care Work
Increasing Immunization Rates: Lessons on Childhood and COVID Vaccinations
Economic Implications of Incorrect Mental Models
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