Institutional Subscriptions FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about institutional subscriptions.

Does a digital subscription include access to journals published prior to the purchase of the subscription?

Authorized users are permitted online access to all journals published by the American Economic Association (AEA) from 1999 forward as long as their subscription is valid. When the subscription expires, perpetual online access is available via Portico, an online preservation and archiving service, for back issues consistent with the period of the subscription.

What if we paid for a year’s subscription and cancel the following year. Do we have perpetual access for the year that we paid?

The AEA participates in Portico, an online preservation and archiving service, which will allow you to have access for back issues consistent with the period of the subscription, if you have an account with Portico.  For more information about Portico, visit

Does a digital subscription include access to pre-publication articles of the AEA?

Preview of forthcoming articles is for AEA members only. Institutional subscribers are not permitted access to forthcoming AEA articles.

What if the subscription expires before we make the renewal payment?

The AEA does not back-start subscriptions. You will have a lapse in your subscription if your renewal is not paid before the expiration date. If this happens, you can purchase the missing issues with the Back Issue Order Form.

What if we don’t receive an issue?

Occasionally, issues are lost in the mail. If this happens to you, contact the Subscription Services Department at 615-322-2595 or email and verify that your mailing address is correct. If the address is correct and your subscription was current at the time of the journal publication, the AEA will reship the issue to you. (Note:  The AEA will honor journal claims up to six months past the publication date and allows for a one-time replacement at no cost to the subscriber.)

What if we want to order a subscription with a purchase order number from our institution?

The AEA requires prepayment for all subscriptions. No purchase orders will be accepted.

What is the process for renewing directly through the AEA instead of going through our current agent?

Contact your agent first to advise them that you will not be renewing with them. Agents normally pay for renewals a couple of months prior to expiration. To purchase directly from the AEA, log in or set up your account and pay online or mail your payment to the AEA business office before your expiration date to ensure you will not have a lapse in service.