AEA Membership Dues and Information

Membership Dues - Individual members of the American Economic Association (AEA) receive online access to all of the Association's journals as well as other member benefits. Membership dues are based on annual income.

Annual Income Membership Dues for 2023/2024
Under $70,000 $50
$70,000 to $105,000 $75
$105,000 to $200,000 $100
Above $200,000 $150
Students1 $25
Individuals from a Low-Income Country2 $25

1Students must send a copy of their Student ID or email copy to
2Low-Income Country classification based on World Bank listing.

Print journals may be purchased along with your membership for a small additional charge.

Journal Title   Print
International Postage
(Outside the US)
AER (includes the AEA P&P (1 issue) & AER: Insights (4 issues)) (12 Issues) $80 $90
AER: Insights (4 Issues) $20 $20
AEA Papers & Proceedings (1 issue) $10 $10
JEL (4 Issues) $25 $25
JEP (4 Issues) $25 $25
AEJ: Applied (4 Issues) $40 $40
AEJ: Econ Policy (4 Issues) $40 $40
AEJ: Macro (4 Issues) $40 $40
AEJ: Micro (4 Issues) $40 $40
Prices subject to change.

JSTOR access to AEA journals is automatically included in your membership at no additional cost!

Online Member benefits begin immediately. Requested journals in print begin with the issue following posting of your payment. Membership will not be back-started. Journals are mailed second class. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for arrival of print journals shipped outside the US.

Payments must be made in advance. We accept checks (in US dollars only, with correct coding for processing in US banks) and credit cards. Please choose one method: online, fax, or mailing the application. It is the Association's policy NOT TO REFUND dues.

It is important to include your e-mail address and to keep it up to date. It often is used for verification of services. In addition, we plan to notify members of important dates and new services by email.

Consult Membership FAQs for additional information or contact us.