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The AEA conducts podcast interviews on a wide range of topics with economists whose research appears in our journals. Listen to episodes posted below or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts:

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Episode 38: Growth by proximity

October 13, 2021
Enrico Moretti discusses the effect of high-tech hubs on innovation.
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Episode 37: Going from gasoline to electric

September 29, 2021
Stephen Holland discusses the best strategy for transitioning to electric vehicles.
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Episode 36: Demagoguery on the airwaves

September 15, 2021
Tianyi Wang discusses how Father Coughlin’s populist radio broadcasts shifted public opinion during the Great Depression.
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Episode 35: Work and childcare during the pandemic

September 01, 2021
Stefania Albanesi discusses the effects of the COVID-19 recession on the US labor market.
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Episode 34: The politics of tax evasion

August 18, 2021
Julie Berry Cullen and Ebonya Washington discuss the ways in which attitudes toward government affect how people report income.
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Episode 33: Military handoffs

August 04, 2021
Austin Wright discusses the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban's response.
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Bonus: The case for paying college athletes

July 23, 2021
Allen Sanderson and John Siegfried discuss why they believe the NCAA's current model is broken.
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Episode 32: How policy shapes culture

July 21, 2021
Natalie Bau discusses the impact that pension reform had on traditional family arrangements in Indonesia and Ghana.
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Episode 31: More than a few bad apples

July 07, 2021
Steven Mello discusses discrimination within the Florida Highway Patrol and what it reveals about racial bias in the US.
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Episode 30: LGBTQ economics

June 23, 2021
Lee Badgett discusses her research on the effects of sexual orientation-based discrimination and how economists can engage in the fight for equality.
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