AEA Papers and Proceedings

Vol. 110 May 2020

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by Janet L. Yellen
(pp. xi-xii)
Richard T. Ely Lecture
Economic Measurement Challenges in the Digital Economy
Empirical Practice in Economics: Challenges and Opportunities
Improving the Transparency and Credibility of Economics Research
Algorithmic Fairness and Bias
Carbon Tax Policy
Countercyclical Fiscal Policy
Is United States Deficit Policy Playing with Fire?
Analyzing Firm Behavior Using United States Tax-Returns Data
Building Organizational Culture for Performance
Stories and Identity in Organizations

Stories at Work

by Robert Akerlof, Niko Matouschek, and Luis Rayo
(pp. 199-204)
Economics of Gender
Contraception, Abortion, and Fertility Rates
Gender in the Innovation Economy
The Economics of Health Epidemics
Provider Decision-Making and Productivity in Health Care
Enhancing Learning in Economics
The Role of Attitudes and Perceptions on Economic and Political Outcomes
Immigration and Assimilation
The Race between Education and Technology Revisited
Economics for Inclusive Prosperity (EfIP)
Empirical Research on Automation and "Smart" Technologies
Wealth and Education
Labor Market Entry, Crime, and Politics
Economics of Crime and Incarceration
Macroprudential Policies and Monetary Policy
The Supply and Demand of Safe Assets

Who Ran on Repo?

by Gary B. Gorton, Andrew Metrick, and Chase P. Ross
(pp. 487-92)
Capital Flows, Sovereign Debt, and Risk
Has the Global Financial Cycle Changed since the Crisis?
Economics of Globalization
The Recent Consequences of Trade Wars and Trade Threats
Common Ownership
Non-price Collusion
Digital Financial Services in Africa
Measuring and Understanding Violence against Women (VAW) in Developing Countries