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Vol. 111, May 2021

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AEA Distinguished Lecture
Economics of Racism
New Approaches to Detecting Discrimination
Panel: Gender Differences in the Economics Profession
Diversity in the Labor Market
Enhancing Learning in Economics
Gender and Demographics in Economics
Increasing Diversity in Economics: From Students to Professors
Gender Differences in Careers and Pay
Gender Disparities: Evidence on Causes and Implications
Gender Effects in Teaching and Learning
The Economics of Inequality: Theory and Empirical Analysis
Indigenous Nations' Economic Development Strategies: Policies and Outcomes
Traditional Governance among Indigenous Communities in North America
Comparing the Pandemic Recession to the Great Recession
Business Failures, Networks, and Sectoral Reallocation under COVID-19
Household Consequences of the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath: Microeconomic Outcomes
Innovations in Measuring the Economic Impacts of COVID-19
Private and Social Returns to R&D and Vaccine Development

Preparing for a Pandemic: Accelerating Vaccine Availability

by Amrita Ahuja, Susan Athey, Arthur Baker, Eric Budish, Juan Camilo Castillo, Rachel Glennerster, Scott Duke Kominers, Michael Kremer, Jean Lee, Canice Prendergast, Christopher M. Snyder, Alex Tabarrok, Brandon Joel Tan, and Witold Więcek
(pp. 331–35)
The Economic Impact of COVID-19
Air Pollution Challenges in Developing Countries
Energy Regulation: Leakage, Emissions, and Spillovers
Environmental and Energy Economics around the World
The Electricity Grids of the Future
Accountability, Elections, and Frictions: The Effects of Institutional Constraints on the Provision and Efficacy of School Resources
Long-Term Effects of Early Life Outcomes
Public Policy & Labor Market Outcomes
US Financial Crises before the Federal Reserve
Spatial Policies
Search, Bargaining, and Experimentation
Market Power, Consumer Behavior, and Welfare in Health Care Markets
Information in Social Networks
Economics of Innovation
The Influence of Economic Policies on the Quality of Life in Developing Countries and Minority Communities
Optimization-Conscious Econometrics